Mercury game updated + Mercury negotiations research published

We recently made a few modifications to the mercury game. Having completed and published our evaluation of the game (Stokes, Leah C., and Noelle E. Selin. “The mercury game: evaluating a negotiation simulation that teaches students about science-policy interactions.” Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 6.3 (2016): 597-605), we are no longer collecting surveys. Thank [...]

Mercury game research forthcoming, no longer collecting survey data

Thank you to everyone who took the time to have students fill out pre and post surveys. Using this data, Leah Stokes and Noelle Selin have a journal article forthcoming in Journal of Environmental Studies & Sciences in 2015.

We will no longer be using the surveys, so no need to fill them out going [...]

The Mercury Game is featured on the Leopold Leadership Blog

Noelle Selin, a current Leopold Fellow and co-author of the game, recently wrote a short post about our work for the Leopold Leadership blog:

The Mercury Game is now on PON

The Mercury Game is now available to download on the Program on Negotiation’s Clearinghouse website:

All the materials are the same as downloading the game from this website. We include the game on the PON website in order to reach a new audience, focused on teaching negotiations. We hope that this will allow negotiations [...]

Mercury Game version 2.3 posted

The new game includes a debrief presentation with updated information on the finalized text of the Minamata Convention.

For more information on how the negotiations concluded, see the INC5 report from IISD’s ENB.

Final UN negotiations concluded in January

The final round for the mercury treaty negotiations concluded in January in Geneva, Switzerland. Noelle Selin and Leah Stokes, who wrote the

mercury game, attended the negotiations along with students from MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. The experience confirmed that the mercury game closely parallels the dynamics in the actual UN negotiations.

If [...]

AGU Science Policy Conference – Poster on the Mercury Game

We presented the Mercury Game at the AGU Science Policy conference.

Here is our poster, which shows some preliminary results from game plays.

You can download the poster here:

AGU Science Policy – Stokes & Selin


Game played at Harvard University and Version 2.2 posted

The Mercury game was played on October 10th, 2012 in Larry Susskind and William Moomaw’s course on International Environmental Negotiation. The students in the course have backgrounds in policy and negotiation and are from countries around the world. One of the students had attended the international mercury negotiations for the past several years. She commented [...]

Game played at the University of Toronto and University of Washington

The Mercury Game is now being played in science and social science classrooms around the world. We wanted to share with you some of the feedback we’ve received on the game, in case you are thinking about using the game in your courses but want some feedback from existing users.

Science classroom:

“Just wanted to [...]

Mercury Game v 2.0 posted

An updated version of the full Mercury Game package was posted on January 30th 2012. The package includes an 11th role – India – which can be played optionally with larger groups.

The game also includes an updated version of the Teaching Note and updated surveys, including online links to the surveys.

We are currently [...]